Roland releases V-Piano Evolution Update

Roland’s groundbreaking V-Piano has won acclaim from the world’s finest pianists. With its innovative approach to digital piano synthesis, it truly soars beyond the limits of previous sample-based instruments.

Now, the V-Piano evolves with a system upgrade that adds four new piano models to the feature set.

  • Four new V-Piano models added: two Vintage types and two Vanguard types

  • Owners of existing V-Pianos can download the update free of charge from Roland’s website

New Vintage Piano Models: “Vertical” and “V1 Impactance”

The new Vertical piano models a warm-sounding upright piano. The V1 Impactance piano is similar to the “Vintage 1” model, but adds heavier hammers for more power and energy.

New Vanguard Piano Models: “Triple Large” and “Metallic SB”

The Triple Large piano features a newly extended piano body and triple copper-wrapped strings for each key. The Metallic SB piano — based on the previous “All Silver” model — offers a new virtual soundboard made of thin metal boards sandwiched between thin wooden boards for a unique metallic tonal character.

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