Ultimate Ears announces 18 pro custom monitors

The Ultimate Ears 18 Pro in-ear monitors pack 6 high fidelity speakers in each handcrafted earphone creating more detail and soundstage than ever before: 2 dedicated woofers, 2 speakers for the mids and 2 speakers for the highs.

In addition, this is the first time we separated the music with a true 4 way cross over, and a new patent pending 3 sound channel design that separates the lows mids and highs until the reach your ear and blend more naturally.

And you don’t have to take our word for it. Here what the pros are saying about the new Ultimate Ears 18 Pro Custom Monitors:

“These Ultimate Ears 18 Pros are unbelievable – very crisp, detailed and more pronounced. I have more control over what I hear & therefore more control of my vocals through my microphone.” – Natalie Cole, legendary recording artist

“The new Ultimate Ears UE 18 Pro custom monitors are simply the best I’ve used on stage – a new bench mark has been set. The low end and levels that can be achieved are outstanding. It’s like wearing a pair of reference studio headphones on stage.” – Jon Lewis, professional sound engineer for AC/DC

The Ultimate Ears 18 Pro Custom Monitors are compatible with wireless transmission systems and portable media devices. Packaged in a rugged, personalized aluminum roadie box, the monitors are designed to withstand the rigors of any tour.

So visit your local audiologist today to get your ear impressions done. The Ultimate Ears 18 Pro Custom Monitors will be available in February for of $1350 (U.S.).

More info on:www.ultimateears.com





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