ARTURIA releases version 2.0 of the Jupiter-8V

The Jupiter-8V is part of the family of Arturia’s analog synthesizer recreations. Offering the unique sound palette of the Roland Jupiter 8, this virtual version is a sound designer’s dream. Based on the latest version of TAE®, the Jupiter-8V also offers a host of modern features: an advanced step sequencer, a new line of dynamic effects, a module combining LFO’s (called Galaxy) and more.

Arturia announces version 2.0 of the Jupiter-8V, the software recreation of Roland’s famous Jupiter-8. The main improvements are:
· A revolutionary preset navigation system called SoundMap
· Ability to use NRPN midi messages for automation
· Presets now respond to modulation wheel
· Fresh batch of presets made by a selection of top sound designers
· MIDI RPN “pitch bend range” message is now recognized
· Increase of overall volume
· New e-licenser (old Syncrosoft) copy protection
· and numerous bug fixes


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