M-Audio … no more! Long live AVID

You have probably noticed quite a few changes across all parts of M-Audio and Avid this past year—changes that are part of a larger plan to bring cutting-edge technologies and solutions to you faster than ever before. As you’ve seen with products like Pro Tools M-Powered, the coming together of industry leaders can mean exciting things for our customers. While they continue their journey to create a new, unified Avid, Avid would like to give us an update about the changes you’ll begin seeing now and in the future.

Who is Avid?
Founded in 1987, Avid revolutionized video production by pioneering digital non-linear editing. Avid video products, including Media Composer® software, quickly became the leading tools for filmmakers, video editors, and broadcast organizations. M-Audio joined the Avid family back in August 2004, bringing the company into a portfolio that already included Digidesign®—makers of the studio-standard Pro Tools recording platform. Since then, Avid also brought industry leaders Pinnacle® and Sibelius® into the family, helping to empower a new generation of aspiring professionals and enthusiasts with powerful tools to create music and video easily and affordably—with professional results.

Earlier this year, Avid joined all of its world-class divisions together, including M-Audio, as a unified Avid. This proven team creates the technology used to make the most listened to, most watched, and most loved media in the world. With a full range of video editing, audio production, music creation, notation, and live sound expertise all under one roof, Avid is stronger and more agile than ever, working as one to provide you with the most powerful, elegant, and comprehensive solutions for media creation.

Moving Forward: M-Audio is Avid
You’ve likely already started seeing the Avid logo in M-Audio ads, on the website, in videos, and more. As part of the next steps in our transformation, you’ll continue to see the Avid brand more prominently in M-Audio products. Avid also have some exciting updates in store for 2010, including a brand new newsletter, expanded online support resources, and integration with a new, expanded Avid website.

As one integrated team, all of the passionate people who’ve been instrumental in creating their game-changing solutions used throughout music and film, video, and broadcast now have greater potential than what any one of the Avid companies could achieve on its own. Avid hopes you’re as excited as they are about what the future holds.





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