Crysonics SPECTRALIVE NXT V3.5 released

Now with Custom UI Colors and Better Performance/Quality, third Generation industry Leading Professional Spectral Audio Vitality / Enhancement Processor with Countless New Features and improvements such as an 11 Band Look-ahead Soft limiter /EQ /Maximizer , New effect Mix Palette and can now be used with Mono sources with exceptional results! plus many other features and improvements. Spectralive NXT V3.5 Vitality processor available for PC & Mac OS X!


  • Dramatic UI and render performance increase.
  • Spectralive now comes in any color you wish, it’s your choice, adjust the Hue, Saturation and Brightness to your liking.
  • Custom user presets – save and recall.
  • Updated FFT Spectrum Display now much more accurate.
  • New Bypass button.
  • Automation performance increase.
  • Better mono compatibility.
  • Much faster final audio render.

Spectralive NXT v3.5 is currently available at the special price of $69.95 (52% off) until the 25th of February 2010 (MSRP is $144). All previous Crysonic customer are eligible to purchase for $32.95.





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