Modartt releases a clavinet add-on for Pianoteq

MODARTT releases a clavinet add-on, the famous electric clavichord from the seventies. It brings you the very characteristic sound featured in many rhythm & blues, pop, funk, disco and reggae songs. It also offers additional features not available in the original instrument.

The clavinet add-on is modelled after the well-known D6 electric clavichord. Thanks to the powerful technology provided by physical modelling, it offers in contrast to the original instrument a sustain pedal, an extended range from C0 to C6 (original range F0 to E5), a variable mute bar, continuous pick-up mixing, and of course the well-known Pianoteq’s possibilities to adjust the timbre such as hammer hardness, overtones and resonator. There is also a wah-wah feature and customized equalizer presets.

The clavinet was frequently used in recordings during the 1970-80’s and is still being used today. It has a seducing characteristic bright staccato sound that many musicians utilize to enhance the rhythmic qualities of the songs. Its portability makes it popular for use on stage as well as in the recording studio.
The clavinet has a similar mechanism as the clavichord. The strings are stroked by small rubber tips and pressed on to an anvil at the striking point. For that reason, it is not loud enough by itself and is therefore amplified electronically, and no sustain pedal could be implemented in the real instrument.

Purchase & download
The clavinet add-on is embedded in demo mode in Pianoteq’s latest version 3.5.3 and can be unlocked for 49 €. Further details with audio demos are available on the website




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