MusikMesse 2010 – preview/rumours

Well, … to be honest we had expected a lot more leaked information and plain old rumours at this time of the year. Every year there were lots of pre-Messe rumours on new products, updates, etc. but this year it seems a bit slow on the rumour front. Nonetheless our Gearjunkies Team is fullly prepared and ready to invate the Messe floors early wednesday morning to get you the scoops and information on new STUFF you so desperately need. We will get as many information as possible, as soon as possible, posted on our website of course, but don’t forget our Twitterfeed if you want the latest news, the fastest way possible!

Steinberg is unveiling two eagerly anticipated applications that will create a lot of buzz. Hmmm? Wavelab 7 and Nuendo 5….?

AVID (with the help of Ableton) would be introducing a new native DAW that would replace ProTools LE.

– Will Elektron be debuting their new offering as they had a prototype at NAMM? New stuff from Elektron? They were making some ‘mysterious’ comments on Twitter…..!

– Will Universal Audio introduce their Manley Massive Passive plugins? And … V5.6 UAD update along with the new UAD-2 plugins (UAD Manley Massive Passive EQ, Precision Enhancer Hz) and the updated EMT 140? Yes they will:

– More details on MU, JazzMutant’s new Max For Live MIDI controller plug-in are expected.

ART will be debuting a new eight-channel input / output expander, that would be ideal for “any ADAT light-pipe equipped audio interface, direct-to-disc recorder or DAW”, according to the manufacture.

Mackie is introducing the Onyx 1640i 16×16 mixer and Waves MultiRack, which it describes as “the first ever software designed to use Waves plug-ins in a live environment”.

Line 6, whose Variax range is rumoured to be acquiring a new addition to its ranks.

– Rob Papen tweeted he has been working on Punch! Maybe we’ll get a first glimps of the plugin?

Toontrack. They definately are presenting something new but there are NO details what so ever. But, … maybe a bass instrument? [UPDATE]

– SPL DrumXchanger. Announced, but not much details known yet so we think they will use the Messe to introduce it to the press/public. SPL will launch four more products at the Messe: M/S Master: M/S management processor, Transpressor: The ultimate dynamic processor, RackPack 4: RackPack frame for four modules, Dual-Band De-Esser: RackPack module against sibilance.

PMI England will be showing the Trident HG3 Studio Monitors.

TC Electronic has hinted at exciting new launches ….

– Both Dynaudio and Tannoy promised major releases ….

Lexicon is teasing us with a new ‘software’ application (plugin) on their website ….

– New Focal Professional monitor, no details just an announcement.

Genelec will be showing new 8260A and 4000 series at the Messe.

Most of the above ‘rumours’ and expectations are completely unfounded. These are just some thoughts we have gathered from the internet. We just have to wait till wednesday when the MusikMesse starts and will surprise us with their ‘revelations‘, ‘introductions‘ and ‘demonstrations‘, to see if the above is true or not!






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