New firmware updates CDJ-2000 & 900 Players & rekordbox

Pioneer released a new version of their rekordbox™ music management, which enables DJs to connect their laptops directly to the CDJ-2000 and CDJ-900 decks. It launches alongside an essential firmware upgrade for both players that adds several major new features and improvements (firmware v3.00).

Top DJs like Sasha, James Zabiela and Eddie Halliwell have already Tweeted / written about the simplicity of rekordbox™ for managing their music and setting up loops and cues in advance. Analyzing and exporting music from rekordbox™ is an essential step that unlocks many of the exciting features introduced on the players, such as live Quantized Loops, fast database searching and browsing, instant high resolution waveforms, and much more.

“We understand that not all DJs want to prepare in advance and tend to look for the quickest and easiest way to get music onto the new CDJs and just as they didn’t want to burn CDs, they don’t want to burn to USB either. As a result, some may have bypassed using rekordbox™ by dragging music files directly from iTunes to their memory sticks. But these DJs are literally missing out on some of the best features, like the lauded History that keeps a set-list of all the songs played for longer than 60 seconds” – states David Eserin, Product Support Specialist for Pioneer DJ Europe.

Firmware v3.0 – New Features:
# rekordbox™ Link and online export – Drag & drop playback with connected CDJs via LAN cable
# Quantize Loop improvement – From 0.5 audio frame to 1ms accuracy.
# GUI Improvement – New default Info pane for Playlist View with scrolling DJ comments (selectable in UTILITY menu) – CDJ-2000 only
# Version Number – Version number will be displayed after power on.
# Caution Display – Caution will be displayed when linked with older CDJ firmware.

# History registering time changed from 45 seconds to 60 seconds plus Dark Green colour indication.
# History Playlist – Changed file played longer than 60 sec colour to Dark Green. (CDJ-2000 only)
# Text scroll speed on LCD increased from 2x (CDJ-2000 only)
# Search mode – Deleting back tick and adding apostrophe for search mode. CDJ-2000 only.
# 24 bit USB Audio – MAC OS X and ASIO4ALL Windows.

Bug Fix
# LCD flicker
# File number limitation (61 files) in YEAR browse mode
# Digital Output – lead out recording error causing external device to stop recording

rekordbox™ v1.1.0 – New Features

# rekordbox™ LINK export feature is now supported for use with the CDJ-2000/900.
# DJM-2000 Cue Link – Added
# Option for hiding the Track Player.

Bug Fix

# Wrong playlist track is exported during an export operation.
# Crash after track is imported containing special characters in its tag info.
# Track sort info is erased when an export or import operation is performed.

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