Celebrations all around – 5000 Gearjunkies News Posts

March 29, 2004“. Yes, that was the day we implemented a NEWS section into the Gearjunkies website. And almost six years later we have reached news post number 5000. Congratulations to …. ourselves! Of all those 5000 posts there were big hits and there were misses. Some barely got read and others shot through the roof with reads!

We went into the admin and have compiled a list of the Top Ten of most popular post of these past 5000 Gearjunkies News Posts. To be honest with some ‘best viewed’ posts we were surprised ourselves. The number one post by a very BIG lead was the announcement of the ‘Numark IDJ Mixing desk’. A post on a mixer with slots for two iPods (2005!). Surely we thought a post on a new synth would take that place but … no! Something for the iPod did! As you can see below, the views shoot up when the NAMM or MusikMesse come up. Rumours and leaked photographs of ‘to be announced’ products are gold in this case.

Top Ten News Posts:
1. Numark announces IDJ mixing console for Apple iPod
2. Akai announces the MPC 2500
3. New Clavia is called the Wave
4. Vestax prototype: the STC-V1 stage controller
5. Korg announces Triton VSTi
6. Gearjunkies Messe 2005 Pictures
7. Cakewalk releases entry-level Music Creator 5 software
8. New gear from Korg to be announced on the NAMM?
9. AKAI rumours at the Messe!
10. Clavia have announced the Nord Stage

On to the next 5000!

We would like to thank all our press partners, manufacturers and Gearjunkies members who provided us with their latest news, announcements and product information to reach this milestone!



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