Nerd Revolt teaches electronic music to kids – Video

Sometimes we come across a story that just is too cool not to mention here. This is one of those stories. Nerd Revolt is a band from San Francisco consisting of band members the iLL.F.O. and m.0. They went out to a school and teached the kids more about electronic music. An initiative we (as true gearjunkies) totally support as we (personally) all have our roots deeply founded in electronic music as well! It would be very cool if more of these initiatives would arise.

Here is Nerd Revolt’s story:
“Last month, NR went to a local elementary school to teach kids about making electronic music. It was such a life-changing experience! To share something we’re not only passionate about, but have committed our lives to was extremely special.

These kids were bubbling over with curiosity about our futuristic blinking toys! This generation’s growing up with all kinds of technology and gadgets, so it was really intuitive for them to play with our MIDI controllers.

Some of the students already played piano; others played drums or guitar. No matter what their experience was, they were all exposed to a new concept: that you could make music with computers. Hopefully, we helped plant a few seeds out there 🙂

It was also deeply moving to work with special needs children. Those who couldn’t communicate through words, or had difficulty with motor skills, were able to interact with these machines and express themselves. Hearing sounds they created in real-time was incredibly empowering for them… the physical therapist said it was a “dream come true” for these kids.

In the end, it doesn’t matter how many promoters you know or how many charts you top…it’s about the lives you change, the minds you inspire.

We have too many people out there trying to tear our dreams down. Too many voices telling you it’ll never happen, and why you should give up.

m.0 and I have battled these forces our whole lives… now it’s time to live our dreams, so that maybe someone out there might believe in theirs.”




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