Project OP-X – Hardware Controller

This week we had some posts on the amazing hardware controller keyboard for G-Force’s impOSCar2, built by Mario Jurisch from Synth-Project. Mario tells us that he already started his next project. He will be building a controller for the Sonicprojects OP-X. This manufacturer from Switzerland developed a remake of the legendary Oberheim OB-X for VST and Reaktor.

First layout scheme of the OP-X Controller:

Original synth description:
The OB-X saw the light of earth in 1979 and was the first fully programmable polyphonic synth built by Tom Oberheim. It’s the direct successor to the famous SEM based units. The secret of the OB-X is that it still has the old discrete 12db SEM-filters. All later units such as OB-Xa, OB8 and Matrix as well as many competing products made the use of the more sterile Curtis filterchips. This fact makes the OB-X one of the best sounding polyphonic synths of all time. Experts put the OB-X in the same league as the Memorymoog.




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