Rayzoon Releases Jamstix 3.0.2 Update

Rayzoon has released version 3.0.2 of its virtual drummer Jamstix. This update offers various enhancements and updates and is available now to all Jamstix 3 owners at no charge.


    * added ‘Compact Interface’ support (930×600)

    * GUI performance improvements

    * added Toontrack mappings provided by The_B

    * song builder now automatically assigns liveloop trigger notes

    * song builder now avoids parts with the exact same name

    * song builder now stores part and chorus length selections

    * mousewheel now alters velocity of selected bar editor events (hihat

opening if CTRL is held)

    * added option to control pitch naming convention

    * locked notes now take priority over non-locked notes on the same tick

    * left-click on part in liveloop mode now triggers a part change

    * right-click on an event in the bar editor, when no other events are

selected, opens content menu for that sound

    * fixed velocity map saving

    * fixed event pasting in Compact GUI mode

    * fixed events accumulating with repeated copying

    * fixed song looping option

    * fixed lock up when using brain accent randomizer or accent list arrows with certains styles or players

    * fixed downbeat events sometimes missing in MIDI export/drag&drop when using medium or high latency

    * fixed access violation when using ‘Install Pak’ or ‘Load Plugin DLL’ with 64-bit OS on certain system configurations

More information on this update can be found here.





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