New Yamah Motif XF coming next week

Yamaha will be releasing the next generation music workstation Motif with the Motif XF. The XF is based on the XS but with groundbreaking Flash memory expansion capabilities that will set the standard for keyboard workstations for years to come.

The Motif XF will be announced on August 2nd with the following updated specs from the XS:

Wave rom increased to 741MB

128 new voices (user1)

128 new performances (user1)

8 new drumkits

1248 new arp styles

32 new masters

128MB SD RAM on board for samples

optional flash boards, max 2*1GB

improved file management

new keyboard action

user definable LCD colour scheme

drum kit edit within mixing mode

optimised category search

TAP tempo function

Loading time for flash is approx 2.4 seconds for 1MB. 512MB takes about 20mins to load.




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