Welcome to Gearjunkies 2.0

Here we are, the trusted Gearjunkies but in a completely new look! It’s been time for a while and it has finally happened, we have worked on a total makeover of your trusted and reliable news source for all your gear needs.

In this new version, we also provide you with the option to leave comments on the news we are publishing. Please use this feature wisely. Maybe try it out with this post to give your opinion on the new look and feel?

And since we’re only human, please allow us to make Gearjunkies a work in progress: when you see something not working the way you expect it to do, please be so kind and use the feedback form to report about this?

We hope you’ll enjoy Gearjunkies even more, and when you have a Gearjunkies-Network account (fresh or you’re dusting it off to post comments under *your* name), why not get your studio online at www.gearjunkies-userstudios.com as well!

Thanks a million!

Yours truly, the Gearjunkies team.


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