Chromeo: Oldskool Gear in Todays Electrofunk

It is still being done! Artists who stay true to their past. And with this I mean, they still make music like it’s 1987. No software emulations of the great analog vintage gear from that era, loaded in a state-of-the-art DAW. Nope, they still use that exact same gear from that era! A perfect example of a band who does just that is Chromeo. Doing their magic from their small vintage packed Midi studio.

Chromeo recorded their forthcoming release Business Casual on a ‘vintage’ Pentium II PC! All sequenced by an early version of Cakewalk, passed on by a Lebanese uncle. Just take a look at the video and see how great ‘gem’s’ from Moog, Korg, Sequential Circuits, Oberheim, Emu, and many more pass by and are being used to create the electrofunk sound from Chromeo.

(Thanks to Sonicstate)


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