Loop, Layer, Rock! – BOSS World Loop Contest 2010

Enter Today and Show Them What You’ve Got! – Win an all-expenses-paid (transportation & hotel) trip to the Music & You show (Paris) to compete at the RCE Finals for the Grand Prize: a 750 € BOSS/Roland Product Voucher and an all-expenses-paid (air fare, hotel and meal budget) trip to Los Angeles, California to compete at the International Finals for the title of BOSS Loop Station World Champion 2010.

BOSS Loop Stations have inspired a whole new style of musical performance by giving musicians the ability to transform a single instrument or voice into a wall of layered sound. With an RC-Series Loop Station, any musician can build the ultimate solo live onstage using anything from a guitar to a kitchen sink. Suddenly, an ordinary performance is transformed into a massive “one-person band” experience – all in real time! Loop Stations have opened creative doors and inspired musicians to reconsider the way they perform and make music.

If your BOSS Loop Station gets your creative juices flowing, we want to hear from you! More details on ‘how-to-enter’ this contest at the Roland CE website.


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