New videos on the Ohm Studio Collaboration Software

The Ohm Studio is evolving faster every day. In the past there were the brainstorms, then the different features specifications, then coding hundreds of independent modules, and now the guys at Ohm Force are finally putting all the pieces of the puzzle together. They’re in the process of implementing them one by one on the ever-evolving Ohm Studio’s graphic user interface. Not that they want to put you to sleep with this kind of techie blah blah, it is just their way of telling you thatthey are very excited about the iminent arrival of the Ohm Studio’s Beta Version, later this year!

Now it’s time for unveiling a number of features and aspects of Ohm Studio’s GUI: Not only did Ohm Force turn on the respective tab on Ohm Studio’s site, but also put 6 new video teasers online. In each one of them you’ll be able to learn more about Ohm Studio’s refreshingly simple and efficient interface, built from the ground up. Each video explains a little bit of Ohm Studio’s structure while showing concrete examples, talking about automation, modular routing, piano roll innovations, and much more besides. The GUI overall look/skin is still the Alpha Version’s one (they’re keeping the definitive Ohm Studio skin as a suprise for the Beta version) but the intuitive and highly versatile workflows – and their stunning smooth visual – are already there. Enjoy!

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