Something for the Weekend: Alone with some Tea

Something for the weekend. This time with videos from Mark Mosher and sweet little Pixietea. Mark plays a track from his album REBOOT. And the video from Pixietea is a videoclip for her song ‘I don’t care’.

So why did I choose these videos? Well both videos are a little bit special I think. And also both videos couldn’t be more apart from eachother. Mark Mosher plays the AudioCubes from Percussa. These little weird cubes were released two years ago. We know them from the MusikMesse that year, where they created a little buzz because they were so different then the usual instruments or controllers. AudioCubes are a platform for audio-visual creation and exploration. They are a collection of beautifully designed and hand-made objects, each containing its own self-powered wireless computer system.

It’s such an organic piece, I decided to play the entire song from Percussa AudioCubes using only spatial hand movement. Ableton Live is playing back the pulsing drone, but almost all other elements are being played live via the AudioCubes. The AudioCubes are in “sensor” mode so placing my hand in front of a cube face plays a note on a virtual synthesizer hosted out of Live – almost like a Laser harp“, says Mark.

And then there is sweet little Pixitea. For over a year this chinese girl is posting videos on Youtube with some catchy, poppy songs. Nothing special I hear you think. Yes and no. Every day there are hundreds of aspiring artists posting their tracks on Youtube. But Pixitea was (one of) the first artist, I know of, that made the tracks with only music apps (iPhone and later iPad). The video below is a track called ‘I don’t care‘. In this video she uses not only her iPhone and iPad but also a Nintendo DS and a Sony PSP for her music.

Both videos are placed in a playlist, use the arrows (left and right) to navigate!

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