Something for the Weekend: Bond, One and Alicia Keys

It is the Weekend again, so again some time to show you a few fun videos. It is just some videos I came across this week that I thought it owuld be cool to share with you. First off it is the Eigenharp. An instrument Eigenlabs introduced to us last year. In the video below Marc and Dave play the theme from James Bond on two Eigenharps. Well just take a look and see for yourself that it is pretty cool!

The second video is from a Belgian rock band called Drums Are For Parades playing ‘One’ (Swedish House Mafia) in the Studio Brussel studio this week. The original track gets an even heavier, muscled-up treatment. Rock on!

Last video is an older one (2009). It is Alicia Keys giving us a little tour of her studio. What I like about this video is the fact that she’s kinda like a … Gearjunkie herself. Affectionately speaking about her flagships from Dave Smith, Moog, Roland (Juno), and lots more.

Have a good weekend!


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