Moog Filtatron meets Richard Devine – Video

Did we have some reservations on the realilty of this news at first. Now we know Moog is dead serious with the Filtatron app. Yesterday Moog released the official press release stating that the Filtatron app will be available October 18, 2010 for the iPhone and iPod Touch for $4.99.

The Filtatron is much more than your average sound app. It’s a phenomenal real-time audio effects suite and powerful studio tool for your iPhone or iPod Touch. Warp samples, live audio or the built in oscillator with our lovingly modeled Moog filter, complete with envelope follower and LFO. Then sweeten it with overdrive and delay. Record your creations anywhere, save your presets, and share them with your entourage. Life’s a rough mix…Filter it.

Today Moog posted this video shwoing us how Richard Devine meets the Filtatron for the first time in the Moog factory and starts tweaking out immediately.


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