New firmware for OTO Machines Biscuit available

BISCUIT is the hardware FX processor from OTO Machines. They just released a free firmware upgrade to version 1.2. With Biscuit you can add depth, texture and organic behavior to synths, basslines, drum machines and virtual instruments. Using true 8-bit converters, digital processing and analog resonant filters, Biscuit opens up a wide range of sounds from harsh distortion, digital and aliasing artifacts to warm and fat 8-bit sounds. Producers, deejays, musicians and sound lovers can use BISCUIT to extend their sound creation possibilties. BISCUIT will find its place in studios, on stages or even in clubs.

With BISCUIT version 1.2. you’ll add to your biscuit : 

  • 4 new Effects (Vibrato, Envelope Filter, “Tube” Clipper and 2 octaves down rectification)
  • Constant Output Level in biscuiting mode
  • Step Filter Improvement


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