Rob Cass talking Liquid Channel at Abbey Road – Video

Rob Cass founded Cave Productions in the late nineties and was soon involved with some of pop’s biggest names, from Robbie Williams to Estelle. Some 13 years later, Rob’s company is proud to be working in association with the world’s most famous studio, Abbey Road.

Rob and his hand-selected team are embedded in their own suite of the studio complex as an in-house production resource. “We have the technology within the room to do a record from start to finish“, says Rob. “We work with artists right from the start of the process, from writing to recording to mixing and even mastering, although we normally just go upstairs; we have the greatest mastering engineers in the world here!

Despite the capabilities of his studio, Rob’s technical setup is sparse: a Mac Pro running Logic and a range of plug-in effects and instruments, a MIDI controller, and a Focusrite Liquid Channel, plus some trademark Abbey Road B&W loudspeakers for good measure!

The Liquid Channel is Rob’s mainstay; everything goes through it, and he seldom needs to use additional outboard hardware. “I’ve got my dream chain of an 1176, a Neve 1081, and an LA2A, all in the Liquid Channel. I could go downstairs and borrow all of that from the engineers, but I don’t need to!” A big factor for Rob is speed of use and recallability, “we’re often jumping from project to project, so we love the recall facility on the Liquid Channel: everything comes back up as it was before. That’s a huge thing for us“.


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