Something for the Weekend: Tron Legacy and Daft Punk

It all makes sense to me! Allthough we know who Daft Punk is, their ‘act’ with the disguise with the futuristic helmets does suit the perception of the project as science fiction. So the thought of Daft Punk doing the original soundtrack for the Tron sequel … makes total sense. And not just the visual side of it all. No, Daft Punk’s music does fit the ‘feel/perception’ of the movie as well. At least … I think so.

Tron Legacy was presented earlier this year, followed by the news of Daft Punk doing the score. Several attempts followed of people ‘scooping’ some tracks on the internet of being original tracks from the movie. To find out later on that they were fakes, hoaxes. However, this week finally a track has been released as a preview: Daft Punk’s “Derezzed”.


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