SPL Passeq now available

SPL announces that their Passeq Analog Code plugin is available now for purchase. The original Passeq hardware is the first passive EQ which provides three separate frequency ranges for both boost and cut stages. One famous, if not the most famous, passive design was the Pulteq EQ from the decades of the 1950’s and 60’s.

This EQ sported two frequency bands (low and high frequencies, or LF and HF), and had only a few switchable frequencies to offer. In contrast, the Passeq has 12 switchable frequencies per band, totaling 36 boost and 36 cut frequencies. Boost and cut frequencies are NOT identical, thus the resultant 72 frequencies per channel offer an enormous choice for the most elaborate EQ curves. The Passeq offers for the first time passive filter control possibilities extending throughout the relevant audio frequency range—and that with an unheard of abundance of filter choices.

Price of the universal license: 149 Euro (ex. VAT)
Supports VST, AU, RTAS, TDM and VENUE on MAC and PC. Numbers of instances are not limited.


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