Vintage Drum Machine app … for Android

This year our focus was pretty much exclusively on Apple and its iPad when it came to music apps. We are still in the middle of our iPad and music apps series (part one and two). And we also took a look at the competition of the iPad touchtablet wise. And the conclusion (in short) was that Apple had a big lead when it came to music apps for use in a studio and/or stage environment.

But look! Here is the first music (instrument) app for Android (as far as we know!). Developed by Claudio Matsuoka Silicon Oxide simulates a vintage analog drum machine from the early 1970s, including the ability to play combined rhythm patterns. Patterns and instruments are inspired on the Keio (Korg) Mini Pops 7. All instruments are synthesized in real time, no sound samples are used, everything is played using software-modeled oscillators, filters and envelope generators.

Current version 0.5 is pretty much ‘experimental’. CPU usage is pretty tough, so a fast CPU and HVGA or WVGA screen is required.


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