Denon DJ releases software update for DN-X1700 Mixer

Denon DJ announced a new software update for their DN-X1700 DJ Mixer. The DN-X1700 represents an important achievement by Denon’s R&D department, which, during the development process, worked closely with some of the top professionals in the industry, gaining key input on its design and functionality. The result is a market driven professional digital mixer that is best in its class. Years of consultation and design have gone into the development of a mixer of this caliber, and nothing in its specification and construction has been sacrificed. Meticulous attention to detail, layout and component quality make operation of the DN-X1700 extremely intuitive, and Denon’s engineers have provided every capability professional DJs will require: working with Vinyl turntables, CD Decks, Media Players, DJ software applications via laptops and USB storage devices.


– Added new DVS function: Now compatible with Vinyl Turntables or CD Decks that output timecode control for various supported Digital Vinyl System applications

– Added new V-LINK function: A function developed by Roland Corporation® that allows DJ performers to simultaneously integrate audio and video. Connecting the EDIROL V-4 or V-8 make it possible to perform a wide range of visual effects linked with the tempo of the music

– Added BPM MIDI Clock – Great for Traktor/Ableton users. This automatically detects BPM MIDI Clock from the application and becomes the Master BPM in the display

– Added new Beat Scratch Effect to the selection

– Added new preset: Mic Ducking response setting

– Added +10dB Output Gain to Master/Booth outputs

– Added new preset: You can now choose Cross Over or Isolator Filter as the default setting for Parameters on or off button position

– Added new preset: MIDI Layer Combine or Divide function. New Combine controls Audio & sends MIDI data at the same time when knobs and faders are moved

– Fixed -3dB bass cut when EFX is ON

– Fixed MIDI receive commands to avoid malfunction

– Fixed small audible pop noise when using Master EFX INS

– Fixed small audible pop noise when changing EFX

– Default is set to USB B mode for computer MIDI/AUDIO control at power up

Denon DJ

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