Image-Line unveils FL Studio 9.7 Beta version

Image-Line are excited to announce the FL Studio 9.7 Beta including Newtone, Image-Line’s pitch and time editor. But WAIT! To celebrate they will soon be offering existing FL Studio customers the ‘Newtone AND Pitcher bundle‘ under the ‘Pay what you think it’s worth’ scheme.

Notable changes include:

* Newtone – Pitch correction editor beta.
* Pitcher – Live pitch correction plugin. Beta 2.
* Preview Playlist Clips – Alt + Right click Clip.
* New Pattern Button – On Stepsequencer.
* Ctrl + Middle Mouse – Resize Playlist tracks.
* Playlist – Left+Shift swaps Pencil and Brush tools.
* Piano roll – Sift + H or J cycles through used Channels.
* Project files – Local paths now saved in project.
* …download the ‘Whats New.rtf‘ for more.


Beta download link

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