Karma-Lab releases Korg M3 Video Tutorial DVD set

Karma-Lab, the expert in Korg instructional content, is pleased to announce the release on DVD of its “House 101 Combi Creation Series,” a comprehensive Korg M3 training program. The two-DVD set contains 7 hours of in-depth video instruction, with 45 separate chapters – each a self-contained “lesson” you can work through at your own speed.

Using Korg’s M3 Editor software, KARMA Sound Set Programmer Scott Raposa and KARMA Developer Stephen Kay start with a blank slate (an initialized combi) and take you step-by-step through the process of completing “House 101” – a completely finished KARMA-fied combi. Within this “real-world” context, you’ll be introduced to nearly all facets of the M3, from selecting and zoning programs, adding and configuring effects, assigning KARMA features to configuring all the sliders and left-hand controllers. With an easy to understand, step-by-step presentation format, they then teach you how to edit the combi to your liking, record it in the sequencer, and create a stereo WAVE file from it.

Topics covered in this thorough series include:
– Finding your way around the M3 Editor
– Saving and loading M3 Editor files; transmitting and receiving data
– Selecting a different GE for a KARMA module to replace an existing GE
– Changing Programs on Timbres
– Changing Key Zones, setting up splits, layering timbres
– Using Timbre parameters, such as EQ, Transpose, Portamento
– Using Tone Adjust to modify the sound of individual programs in a combi
– Assigning Effects, chaining them and routing them
– Assigning KARMA Parameters to the Master Layer
– Understanding esoteric KARMA features such as Melodic Repeat and Auto-Bending
– Modifying Scenes more to your personal taste
– Copying Scenes from one to another
– Putting the 8 Scenes into a completely different order
– Assigning chords to the pads and keeping parts from transposing up or down too far
– Setting up the Drum Track in a combi, and having it play in only certain KARMA scenes
– Setting up the X-Y Mode to mix the KARMA Modules in and out with your fingers
– Configuring the LH controllers such as joystick, ribbon, SW1 and SW2
– Configuring the eight Real-Time Sound Control Sliders to modify sounds and effects
– Having only certain timbres respond to various controllers
– The easiest way to record a song with your completed combi and turn it into a WAVE file
– and a lot more!

The two-DVD set is available worldwide direct from Karma-Lab for $59.95 + shipping. The entire series is also available online with an affordable subscription to Karma-Lab’s “Premium Content Area” (PCA) for only $9.95 for one month access or $24.85 for three months.

For more information, including 5 FREE sample chapters and user reviews, visit: www.karma-lab.com/house101dvd


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