IK Multimedia AmpliTube Fender Apps Now Available

Sporting the pure Fender tones that millions of guitarists know and love, AmpliTube Fender™ offers the same famous tones for your iPhone and iPad, developed in close cooperation with the tone gurus at Fender to ensure the authenticity of the sounds.

5 Fender™ Amps with matching Cabinets  

  • ’65 Deluxe Reverb™
  • ’65 Twin Reverb™
  • ’59 Bassman™ LTD
  • Super-Sonic™ 
  • Pro Junior™

6 Fender™ Stomps

  • Fender™ Phaser
  • Fender™ Blender™ 
  • Tape Delay 
  • Overdrive
  • Noise Filter
  • Compressor (by registering)

Practice and play with that Famous Fender tone anywhere you go
AmpliTube Fender for iPhone app features a robust practicing and playing tool that allows you to import audio directly from your iPod library on your device or from your computer.

  • Import and play up to 50 songs/backing tracks
  • Slow down or speed up the tempo (-50% to +200%) of imported songs without affecting their pitch
  • 36 presets can be saved/named/recalled on the fly
  • Includes tuner and metronome
  • Low-latency for real time playing

Recording has never been so portable and simple
An entire band can be recorded, or full songs and compositions can be produced directly in AmpliTube Fender™. Ideas can be quickly captured by recording performances that can be shared by exporting high quality audio files or M4As.

  •  iPhone version has a single track recorder with re-amping and is expandable to a full 4 track recorder
  • iPad version has a single track recorder with re-amping expandable to a full 8 track recording studio with master effects through in-app purchase

Pricing and Availability

Comes with ’65 Deluxe Reverb amp with matching cabinet, Noise Filter stomp, two mics and you can unlock the Fender Compressor by registering. Available for iPhone and iPad, both are expandable with the individual amps and effects a-la-carte through in-app purchases.

AmpliTube Fender apps for iPhone and iPad are currently available from the iTunes App Store, and cost $14.99/ €11.99 each.

The 4-track recorder and 8-track recorder with master effects’ sections on the iPhone and iPad cost $9.99/ €7.99 and $14.99/ €11.99 respectively as in-app purchases.

If you own AmpliTube 2 for iPhone and you want to add all of the components of AmpliTube Fender™ into it, DO NOT purchase the AmpliTube Fender™ app but instead add the AmpliTube Fender™ amps and effects all together or single a-la-carte gear directly in AmpliTube 2 through in-app purchase.

AmpliTube 2 for iPhone/iPad users are able to add AmpliTube Fender™ stomp box and amplifier models as individual in-app purchases for only $4.99/ €3.99 per amp, $2.99/ €2.39 per stomp box, or $14.99/ €11.99 for the entire collection of models.


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