Something for the Weekend: Modular Drum Module

Gearjunkies good friend Michel Osenbruggen, maybe better known as, is one of those person we can truly call a natural ‘Gearjunkie’. If you look at his pictures of his studio then you really know exactly why we call him that. If you are into analog vintage gear, you’ll probably think he is working in a ‘vintage gear heaven’. He has a large, extensive collection of synthesizers. From way (… way!) back to the modern classics! One of his latest projects was the built of a drum module based on the schematics from the ‘Electronic Drum Cookbook‘ by Thomas Henry. The video below shows us the results.


Last year I build a drum module based on schematics from the ‘Electronic Drum Cookbook’ by Thomas Henry. I build it on breadboard but never got around to test it yet. Yesterday someone was filming my studio here so I couldn’t work on my main desk for a while and decided to give the module a go. I hooked it up to my sequencers in the modular setup and got to test them in the process as well. We took some shots of this as well and last night I decided to make a little video from it. The noise coming from it is not spectacular but it was just a proof of concept. I made this video in Sony Vegas and that was also a test run for me. I plan to make more video’s in the future for you to enjoy. The music on this video is from a track called ‘Mercury’ that a made for a sampler CD last year. You can listen to the whole track on my website. Look for the SchallPlatte 12 sampler CD.



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