Slate Digital TRIGGER 1.65 Update Available

TRIGGER 1.65 is now available. With this update, you can capture MIDI from your audio tracks and drag and drop them directly onto a MIDI track in your DAW. TRIGGER 1.65 also adds a link mode to the velocity and dynamic controls, and has an updated triggering engine so that it will work even more effortlessly on hard to trigger tracks! If you are already a TRIGGER customer, log into the USERS area at TRIGGER EX users, log into the USERS area and download the Maple Toms TCI’s for EX!

And if you don’t own TRIGGER, you can purchase it with these great new features for $50 less than the usual price!  For TRIGGER PLATINUM enter coupon code “midi” and for TRIGGER EX, enter coupon code “midiex”.  Make sure to use all lower case characters!  Go the slate digital online shop at

– Added MIDI Capture feature
– Added Link Mode for Dynamics and Velocity curves
– Added one more tom set in EX version
– Changed TCI names displaying in Instrument Browser. Long instrument names now shows in full when mouse cursor points on them
– Updated triggering engine (old projects may need Sensitivity and Detail adjustments)
– Minor bugfixes
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