Rhizome Feeltune VST Groove Station – Video

This year we visited our Friends at Feeltune again. Kindly they gave us another demonstration of their Rhizome Groove Station. The Rhizome is designed to allow musicians to freely express their creativity and for live expression, the Rhizome is both a real instrument and a full on production station. The Rhizome is the future of groove machines.

What differences with the other groove machines? The Rhizome is a hybrid on which you can install your VST instruments and effects (windows compliant). No limit for the sounds and effects embedded in your device, it’s you who choose the style and the musical color of your isntrument.

What musician never dreamt to take advantage of the software power combined to the hardware ergonomy? Sequence, sample, control other synths, beatboxes and effects with a single machine offering the same direct approach and pleasure of the groove machines.



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