Image Line DeckaDance updated to version 1.9

Deckadance, Image-Lines popular DJ mixing application, has received a complete ‘engine’ overhaul and upgrades. Deckadance has now the widest support for MIDI controllers in the industry.

Deckadance, Image-Lines popular DJ mixing application, has received some exciting updates including:

  • New synchronization engine –  Songs are now totally locked in sync for whatever functions are performed within DD. Importantly, Deckadance can now be fully synchronized in other hosts such as Live including BPM & Phase.
  • Snap & Quantize buttons – The GUI also gains new ‘Snap’ and ‘Quantize’ buttons to make cue point setting and jumps to cue points, seeks in waveforms & exit looping perfect synchronized with the beat.
  • Loop settings – Improved to work per-beat rather than per-bar. This means faster, tighter repeats are now possible.
  • Song manager – The song manager (SM) is now fully integrated into Deckadance. You can detach the SM window, great for multi-monitor setups. The SM includes iTunes integration for drag-&-drop between SM and iTunes. Import playlists and more.
  • File Browser – A new File Browser replaces the old one. Designed for improved integration, searches and working with your files in Deckadance.
  • Options & Setup – All setup and options have been organised into a unified tabbed system. Spend less time searching and more time tweaking options.

Deckadance comes now preconfigured for these controllers:

– Allen&Heath Xone:3D

American Audio Digital Producer 2 / DP2, VMS4

– Behringer BCD2000 & BCD3000

– DJ-Tech 101 Series, DJ For AllMix Free, i-Mix, i-Mix MKII, DJ Mouse, i-MixReload, uSolo FX, Pocket DJ & Kontrol One (K1 + M1)

– EKS Otus, XP10 & XP5

– Hercules RMX, DJ Console MK2, DJ Control MP3 & MP3 E2, DJ Console MK4DJ Control Steel

– iCon i-DJ

– Kontrol-DJ KDJ500

– M-Audio XSessionPro  & XPonent

– Numark Total Control, Omni Control

– Omnitronic MMC-1

– OpenLabs DBeat

– Percussa AudioCubes

– Reloop Digital Jockey

Stanton SCS-1d & SCS.3d/DaScratch

– SYNQ PCM-1, DMC-1000, DMC-2000

– Vestax VCI-300, VCI-100, VCM-100 & Typhoon


Image Line Deckadance



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