QuikQuak MashTactic mash-up tool – interesting!

Quikquak just posted a youTube video of a new plug-in, to be launched very soon: MashTactic. MashTactic is a plug-in that can separate various parts of a full audio mix. Many sounds, include vocals can be cut or isolated from a track.

* A great tool for mashup music makers.
* Can be used as a sharp cut-off filter, as demonstration in this video.
* MashTactic works on transients, allow the user to emphasise and cut percussive sounds allow control over punch of drum tracks.
* Great for analysing stereo spread and mix of a track you’re composing.

Dave Hoskins from Quikquak Audio: “You can have eight different locations, all panned and scaled independently. Also the video doesn’t show the transient shaping, I’ll have to do another. It’s quite interesting singling out a particular drum and boost its transient hit, handy for drum loop samples. The video shown is made from recording automation, so the selection’s filter sweeps are all recorded – no mice were used in the recording of this video. All notes frequencies from MIDI c0-c10 are displayed linearly as can be seen on the right hand scale.”



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