Is that a Yamaha Motif XF Rack you got there?

Sometimes you see the ‘strangest’ maybe most interesting stuff on the internet. And yes we see a lot here at the Gearjunkies HQ, or people send us stuff that might be interesting. So this morning we were send this picture below. The Yamaha Motif XF Rack version. First impression is mostly “oh wow” that looks cool. But after a few seconds often this enthusiasm is tempered. Is this thing for real? The picture being a computer rendering, we do have our doubts…

So what’s the deal then? Well, to be honest our prediction would be that this is a good effort of someone with decent computer 3D and photoshop skills. Will there be a rack version of the Motif XF? Probably but we don’t have any information from Yamaha that there is a version on its way.


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