Rhizome VST Transformer plugin control

Rhizome Vst Transformer, the software that simplify the VST plugins control. One major problem when controlling VST parameters with hardware encoders is that every VST parameters can have different range, you have “switches” “continuous control” etc… while the encoders do not “know” the range of the parameters (ie, you have to turn many times just to switch “on / off”).

Rhizome’s team has developed a free software, included with the Rhizome: it scans automatically the VSTs, and store the parameter ranges in a definition XML file.

With the Vst transformer, you can also locate the “preset browsing buttons” on the VST GUI, so the Rhizome can browse the preset from its own interface, this is useful for VST plugins that don’t export their presets in the host

Coming with more than 1000 definition files, the VST transformer lets you create definition files for any VST plugin.



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