Happy 77th Birthday, Bob Moog!

In honor of Bob Moog’s 77th Birthday this week, Moog engineer Steve Dunnington summons a Minimoog Voyager Orchestra to play a Mooged Out version of what else?…Happy Birthday! 

Steve overdubbed 6 tracks of Minimoog Voyager, one voice at a time, to realize this rendition of Happy Birthday. Using sounds from the Voyager factory presets, this special version of Happy Birthday for Bob was envisioned as a stylistic mashup of Kraftwerk and Jean-Jacques Perry. Both are artists who helped put the Moog Synthesizer in the ear of listeners all over the world.

Happy Birthday, Bob! This year marks some big changes for the little company you started. None of it would be possible without your fearless genius, passion for innovation and overwhelming humility. Thanks for everything, Bob!



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