Ultimate DIY Gear – Poly-Ana Hardware Controller

Like there is no tomorrow Mario Jurisch has finished work on yet another DIY hardware controller for the Poly-Ana Admiral Quality VST Instrument.

Mario: “The Controller has two Front Panels to control all the parameters of the VST Instrument. The upper and the lower Front Panel. The upper Front Panel contains the 3 Oscillators Section, the 2 Filter Section, the 2 LFO and 2 AMP Section.The lower Front Panel contains on the left side, the 3 Envelopes, in the middle a 8“ Touchscreen and on the right side the 2 Modulation Mixer and the 2 Sample and Holds. Also the Controller will have a 4 Octave Keyboard with Pitch and ModWheel. The Touchscreen which shows the VST Instrument is primarily use for switching, load and save the presets. The controller will has about 211 Parameters. So i need 4 Midi Interfaces to control this Plugin.”



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