H.G. Fortune Serenity – the heavenly choir & string pad synthesizer

Serenity is a synthesizer aimed to create various choir and string pad sounds but it is not meant to emulate this or that vintage string and/or choir machine. Though you might get sounds resembling quite nice the flavours of the old machines.

Serenity is more about heading towards the future not the past of the old machines. So don’t get yourself restricted in pursuing emulations of old machines instead make use of the possibilities offered by this fully fledged synthesizer with filters, LFO, various effects and especially the Twin Etherify effect to create some more stunning flavours to expand your creativity.

In addition the internal waveset has been carefully selected to provide you with a wide range of string, choir and vocal waves plus some more complex padsounds. Most of these waves have been processed widely from prior versions and several new waves have been added.

Main features (based on Pro version):
2 x PCM wave oscillators with 128 waves in 2 banks as primary soundsources
1 x Filter – 3 types (LoPass, HiPass, BandPass) ADSR EG with Vel control on Attack & Decay, and 3 Response Modes
1 x 4 channel adaptive mixer for cutoff modulation
1 x VCA EG (ADSR) Vel control on Attack & Decay, and 3 Response Modes
1 x Pan
3 x LFO
1 x S&H
1 x DLFO (Double LFO with two outputs and phaseshifting)
1 x special Pitch LFO with Speed Up/Down options
1 x Twin Etherify (2 Formant filter) with various modulation options
1 x Gator not only on Level but optional for Filter and delay Pan too
1 x Delay with several options for panning delayed signal
1 x Stereo Flanger
1 x Stereo Reverb
1 x Bass Enhance
1 x XY-Joypad with 6 controls for 12 destinations and optional display for LFO & Aftertouch motion
3 x Lazy Buttons
12 voices, over 760 patches (6 banks)

Serenity Pro is available at an introductionary offer with 36% off for 24,50Euro/34U$ only until July, 3rd 2011. Regular price after that will be for 39 Euro. Free version: 3 voices, no internal patch management, no MIDI Learn, no velocity control on Attack / Decay of VCF / VCA EG, no SF2 Load, less patches (4 banks), but a hidden easter egg gimmick.









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