LiveRemote Ableton control app for iPad and iPhone

Kiss goodbye to your mouse and keyboard, and let your fingertips do the work with LiveRemote for you iPad, iPod or iPhone.  LiveRemote connects to Ableton via CoreMidi networking technology with incredibly low latency of between 1-3ms. Control your session from the comfort of your couch, or whilst walking around the room. LiveRemote gives you direct and precise control over the many Live features.

– Control up to 8 faders at a time + the Master with solo, mute, record also available. *High Resolution Precise meter readings of the audible decibels for each channel.

Clip Launcher:
– Launch clips direct from your device, using the 8*5 matrix. *Launch scenes, or stop them at any time.
– Move around your session easily with the control arrows, the clip launcher will activate any clips that are within the red box highlighted in Live.

Channel Strip: For each channel you have precise and fast control on the pan and upto 3 send channels.

Plugin Control: Simply and easily control the plugins for each selected channel, LiveRemote automaps the available controls of the selected device.

Transport Control: All the necessary transport controls such as Play, Record, Stop ect are implemented for quick, on the fly recording.

LiveRemote is compatible with both Mac and Windows. Price £5.99/$9.99 iPad Version / £3.49/$5.99 iPhone Version and availible in the iTues App store.

For more information please visit there website


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