New Celemony tutorials show Melodynes practical uses

Celemony is building a bridge between manual and practice with their video tutorials. Practical examples that put across knowledge as well as inspiration for own works and demonstrate the possibilities of Melodyne editor show how to use this mighty audio tool. Three new tutorials are now available.

The first video shows the creation of a second voice in a DAW and the advantages of working with an “artificial” vocalist. How to export a guitar lick as a MIDI file, how to get the best result and how to use the MIDI data in a DAW can be seen in the second film. The third video is dealing with slides that can’t be played, e.g. both directions on a guitar or sliding pitch on a piano.

Celemony is publishing new tutorials on a regular basis: on the Celemony YouTube channel and at

Creating a vocal guide track
Calmly create a second voice for your vocalist – using his first.

Extracting a guitar lick to MIDI
Guitar in, MIDI out. To double, replace or transcribe.

Sliding with Melodyne
Don’t try this at home! Impossible slides with Melodyne.


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