Propellerheads Music Making Month an Unmitigated Success

Propellerhead just has capped off its tremendously successful “Music Making Month,” a series of activities that spanned the entire month of May to inspire and help people with their music creating endeavors. During the month, Propellerhead held 25 live streaming interviews, clinics and Q/A sessions plus an additional dozen tutorials and videos with music professional and insiders on topics as varied as song inspiration and lyric writing to synthesis techniques and mixing/effects tricks to promotional ideas and placement opportunities. All sessions and materials are now archived and can be viewed at:

This was a great opportunity realized—to give back to our community by offering them access to the music people, knowledge and resources that circulate in and around Propellerhead,” said Ernst Nathorst-Böös, CEO. “We’ve been amazed how much the community itself added—making the live sessions networking events unto themselves through chat, links and other real-time conversations.
Highlights included:
Olivia Broadfield, singer, songwriter, talks about composing pop songs and jingles
James Wiltshire of the Freemasons shows his remixing tips
Damian Kulash of OK Go shares his insights on the music biz and songwriting
Mocean Worker, bass player, composer and producer, discusses the modern day artist-producer
DJ Lucky Date extols his tips and approach for making club track


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