Something for the Weekend: Aldo Aréchar with iXimix LiveRemote app

This weekend we have something pretty cool. Last week we had a give-away for the LiveRemote app from iXimix. The winner of the iPad app was Aldo Aréchar. He was so kind to make a video while using it in a project. We thought ‘wow, cool’! The result is actually far better then we imagined. We love it…!

The project is called Aldönojú. Below is a short description of the project:

The project consists in routing the audio of youtube videos to Ableton Live and process them in real time. 

Using the numeric keypad on the computer, the youtube user can perform a fast-forward to the loaded video. This tool is used to create rhythmic and melodic foundations that are recorded and processed, creating layers of sound that grows in a coincidental atmosphere.

The videos talk about relevant issues in modern society, and these are preloaded BUT NOT HEARD on purpose, this is to truly create a real-time coincidental performance.

Aldönojú: Music as moments of coincidence and the appreciation of these.


Aldos Youtube Channel


And don’t forget we still have another iXiMix app give-away running: TrakProDJ – iPad/iPhone Traktor Touch Control System, deadline this sunday the 26th!


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