VirSyn iSyn Poly – Electronic Music Studio app

iSyn Poly is an electronic music studio for use with Apple iPad. iSyn Poly places an unbelievable number of features including three studio-quality, fully programmable virtual analog synthesizers and a drum machine packed in just three different screens on your iPad!

Each synthesizer is a full-featured analog modeling synth with three oscillators, a classic 24 db/oct ladder-style lowpass filter, independent filter and amp envelope generators, and full modulation routings. With our 10+ years of experience with analog simulations you can expect some serious sound easily covering all those fat frequencies so prevalent in modern production.

iSyn Poly also includes a sample playback-based drum machine with seventeen kits, each containing eight samples. Drum samples include 808, 909, modular synth drums and numerous 80’s drum machines. Volume, pan and decay time are individually adjustable and pitches are tunable over a wide range for crazy effects.

The full fledged sequencer let you arrange complete songs and can record the notes and controller movements  of your performance. The unique gesture oriented user interface makes it ideal for live editing of notes and automations.

Play the three synths or drum machine with the onscreen keyboard/drum pads for fun live jam sessions, or let iSyn Poly do the playing for you with its full featured piano roll sequencer editable while playing. Play the keyboard by touching notes, or sliding up and down for amazingly expressive pitch glides and vibrato. iSyn Poly can even play a beat and synth track while you jam over sequenced tracks for a one-man iPad band!

With the Apple iPad Camera Connection Kit you can use a CoreMIDI compatible MIDI Keyboard to control iSyn Poly.

iSyn Poly is developed by VirSyn with content from


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