Whats Gobbler? Backing up, sending and organizing PRO AUDIO

Have you ever had a hard drive fail and didn’t have a backup? Do you have files spread across lots of external drives or computers? Do you wish there was a fast and reliable way to securely send and receive projects and media files that you’re working on? Well, it’s here: Gobbler!

Gobbler is the backup, transfer, and organizational tool for managing audio project files and assets. Gobbler solves some of the most frustrating problems that musicians and producers face on a daily basis, without getting in your way or changing the way you work. We integrate with most major DAWs to help you keep your files secure, expedite the process of sending and receiving, and provide access to them from anywhere with an internet connection. With Gobbler, you’ll never lose a project again. It’s extremely powerful, but simple to use.

Losing recordings is a little bit like losing part of your soul… so back them up! The scary truth is your hard drive can die at any time. Gobbler is designed to backup audio projects. Learn about intelligent backup built for audio and don’t be a slave to your masters…

Find and search all your work in 1 place. Once drives are scanned, Gobbler creates a library that you can easily tag and search to locate any file you’ve ever created. Even if it’s on a disconnected drive, Gobbler will tell you where it is when you need it. Never lose track of a file again.

Gobbler makes FTP and file-sharing services obsolete. You can send multi-gigabyte folders with thousands of files, and Gobbler will handle them without breaking a sweat. It’s as easy as sending an email. Why? Gobbler combines lossless compression and robust deduplication algorithms.

Manage your Soundcloud stream through Gobbler and publish directly from Gobbler to Soundcloud. You can use Gobbler to bulk- tag and upload all your tracks to Soundcloud. Organize and manage all your audio from creation to promotion in one place. It’s a dream.

Gobbler (via AirUsers Blog)


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