LegitMix – Monetize Works Made Using Copyrighted Music

Thanks to Phil Morse from DigitalDJTips we came across this new service called LegitMix. Legitmix is a simple-to-use browser-based software application. Artists use it to create Legitmix files for their works containing other people’s copyrighted source music. The Legitmix file contains no audio and can’t be played in any way. Fans use a Legitmix file, together with the Legitmix software, and their copies of the source music (in any digital format) to recreate an artist’s work on their computer. If a fan doesn’t already own the source music, the Legitmix music store provides an easy way to buy it. The recreated work is identical to the artist’s version and is automatically imported into a fan’s music library along with their purchased source music.

Copyright Remixed
Today, artists who use other people’s music in their work must negotiate distribution licenses. This often expensive and time consuming process makes it impossible for many artists to sell their music legally. Legitmix solves this problem by empowering fans to recreate the artist’s work on their computer using their copies of the source music. When a fan recreates an artist’s work using Legitmix, they are exercising their right to mix music they own for personal use. Legitmix delivers on the promise of copyright: to encourage artistic freedom while protecting a creators right to profit from their work.

Legitmix fosters a symbiotic relationship between artists and the copyright holders they sample— and music fans benefit. Artists, producers, and DJs create freely, avoid licensing headaches and profit from the sale of their Legitmix files and the associated source music. Musicians, labels, and publishers get paid when their music is purchased as part of the Legitmix process. Websites receive a commission when they refer sales. Fans get a convenient, legal way to support their favorite artists while building their music collection. Legitmix makes this possible by keeping a percentage from the sale of Legitmix files and source music.

Legitmix Empowers Artists from Legitmix on Vimeo.




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