New Sounds and Samples on Sample Saturday

These are the releases we have encountered this week on the Loops and Samples front. Just like the quality of the audio software we use these days the quality of the content we use (loops and samples) equally matches the high standards of this software. Below is this weeks selection.


Alex Niggemann – “I Call It House!”

Real Noize

Iconical Vocal Acapellas

Champagne Musik



Dubstep Constructions Bundle (Vols 1-3)

Pop Awards: The Bundle (Vols 1-7)

Project Theodora (Sylenth Sounds)

Club Stormers Vol 2 For NI Massive



Dirty South Wars 2



Dirty South Producer Kit Vol 2

West Coast Wave 3

Dr. Lex 808 Dirty South 1



Cinematic Ambient Samples Bundle

New Sound of Dubstep

Bomb Squad: Tactical Beats & Sample Artillery



Zero-G Electro Glitch Essentials

Nine Volt Audio The Beat Aesthetic

Garritan World Instruments

Sonokinetic Hurdy Gurdy


Future Loops

Hispanic Guitars


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