Upgrade to Lion – Yes or No?

As any Mac user probably knows by now, yesterday Apple have released Lion (Mac OS® X). Since yesterday we get a lot of questions if it is safe to upgrade to Lion, referring to the use with audio applications, plugins, audio interfaces, etc. To be honest we don’t know much more then you. What we do know, however, is that there are many comments on the internet and in the Twittershpere that people are having issues with the new OS X.

Best practise is to just wait. Why the rush? If your Mac is running good right now, just stick to that untill the first ‘dust’ has settled and third-party developers have made their software compatible with Lion. Many already have done the job properly but some … didn’t!

But if you really can’t wait and have that urge to get Lion on your Mac, check sites that have listed Lion compatibilty. For example:



We wish all the early adaptors good luck. If you know of any other websites that check for Lion compatibility? Put them in the comments below please.


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