Native Instruments MASCHINE 1.7 Update Announced

From September 1st, a new free update for MASCHINE will be available. The 1.7 version builds on plug-in support offered by 1.6, allowing the finding and loading of individual presets from within the MASCHINE hardware browser-without ever having to touch your keyboard or mouse. This cements the tight integration between MASCHINE and KOMPLETE 8, utilizing Native Instrument’s new NIS sound format.

With the upcoming 1.7 update*, a new level of integration and intuitive workflow is achieved thanks to MASCHINE’s support of NATIVE INSTRUMENT’s new ‘NIS” sound format. With version 1.6 you could already use your VST/AU plug-ins inside MASCHINE, but now with 1.7, you can even browse and load the plug-in presets from all KOMPLETE 8 versions – KOMPLETE ELEMENTS, KOMPLETE 8, and KOMPLETE 8 ULTIMATE – directly inside the MASCHINE hardware browser. This means you can operate MASCHINE fully without ever having to touch your mouse or keyboard – keeping your focus on the creative flow.

* available September 1st, 2011

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