TC Electronic Rome Calling pro-audio seminar online now

The ‘Rome Calling’ pro-audio seminar in early June was a great success! The Eternal City created a perfect frame for the event, and the keynote speakers willingly shared all of their expertise on recording, mixing, mastering and broadcasting with the participants.

TC Electronic documented the event on video, and as we speak, their video editors are working on creating clips that capture the essence of the seminar for all of you to view, learn from and enjoy.

First up are Florian Camerer and Richard van Everdingen from EBU’s PLOUD Group. Florian provides a general overview of EBU’s R128 broadcast standard presented with great enthusiasm and a twist of humor. Richard focuses on loudness normalization in connection with distribution, taking into consideration the broadcasted signals as well as the end-users’ reception devices and how it affects overall loudness.

But stay tuned as new videos will be available soon – George Massenburg, Thomas Lund and Bob Katz were just some of the great speakers at the seminar!

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